My work evolves around the human body, nature and the domestic. I am intrigued by the tension between seduction and innocence, as well as by that which lies between the lines of common realities.

My images do not try to scream - they state and make visible ... they allow echoes to be heard.

My iconography is as much inspired by what catches my attention in every day life as by my imagination. This accounts for the free flow between representational and abstract work. I pursue the concept of imagery in dialogue by creating cycles or series of work, which I understand as one installation.

I welcome chance occurrences, imperfections and oddities, since I see them as the voices of a greater vision than my conscious mind can grasp.

I work in a variety of modalities, especially in painting, drawing and traditional handiwork, such as crocheting and sewing. One modality informs the other and they all introduce different materials into my work.